Green CO2 for carbon utilisation and storage to make fossil carbon redundant and restore our atmosphere


Carbon sucking machines to reimagine the industrial economy and clean up the air

We are using the latest advances in computing, material science, and industrial engineering to improve upon one of nature’s biggest gifts to humanity. Fossil fuels have brought us incredible wealth, but it's time we use some of that wealth to stop screwing with nature and tackle the biggest challenge facing humanity.

DAC One is our first solution. A modular direct air capture technology utilising our world-leading sorbent, process engineering and manufacturing technologies through a standardised design optimised for volume manufacturing in our Dactories.

Our DAC One module is a low cost, efficient, and highly-scalable source of ultra-pure green CO2 for DAC-to-Value and DAC-to-Sequestration applications.


Facilitating the extinction of fossil fuels

It’s the 21st century and we believe there is a better way of creating the building blocks of our economies than extracting black gold with centuries long consequences for future generations and mother nature. At Carbon Infinity, we are building the infrastructure to close the carbon cycle; empowering a revolution in the utilisation of cost-effective green CO2 to create de-fossilised industrial products.

We are deploying our modular DAC technology to enable the production of fossil-free petrochemicals, carbon-enriched cement, synthetic fuels, carbon composite materials and other high-value carbon-based products.

If you also believe in our vision to close the carbon cycle, de-fossilise the industrial economy, and facilitate fossil fuels to stay where they belong i.e. deep underground, then we would love to work with you.


Going carbon negative and putting the CO2 back where it came from

We have accrued enormous wealth and progress as a species off the back of our natural resources. It’s time to use some of that wealth to restore the health of our planet and ensure our children are not left to pick up the pieces facing the consequences of our inaction.

Carbon Infinity is developing modular direct air capture technology which can be paired with safe, secure, and durable storage to lock the CO2 out of the atmosphere and repair our planet. Our technology provides a scalable and cost-effective solution to restoring the atmosphere to a balance of CO2 sources and sinks and truly achieve net-zero, before enabling a net-negative world to avert climate catastrophe.

If you are a project developer looking to operate a DAC-to-Sequestration facility, then we would love to partner with you.

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