Applying the latest advances in computing, engineering and manufacturing to transform what's possible with modular direct air capture technology

SuperMOF Materials

Material advances in direct air capture sorbent science

Carbon Infinity is bringing to reality a paradigm shift in sorbent material performance to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. The nascent sorbent material landscape has meant direct air capture is out of reach but for the few willing to pay a premium, and we’re changing that.   

Employing the latest advances in computing and material science, our materials portfolio forms the foundation of our direct air capture technology and a breakthrough in sorbent material design, synthesis, performance and durability to facilitate cost-effective direct air capture.

Module Design

Making the small really, really big

Carbon Infinity is using advanced computing machines to design industrial machines and suck CO2 out of the atmosphere. Learning from modular technologies which came before it, we believe modular direct air capture technology will follow a similar cost curve trajectory if we learn the lessons of recent history. 

This is why our standardised, small modular air capture technology is being designed from day one for manufacturability, with the belief that small is the best route to direct air capture being deployed at a climate consequential scale. 

Big things often have small beginnings, and we're just getting going.


Enabling a new industrial world order 

Our modular direct air capture machines won’t build themselves. We need factories for that, or what we call Dactories.

We're putting localised supply-chains and modern, advanced manufacturing to work for the direct air capture industry to build the millions of modules the science suggests is necessary and in the process, constructing a brand new industry to clean up the atmospheric mess caused by our addiction to fossil fuels.

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